Good Hope Foundation

Welcome to the website of Good Hope Foundation! The foundation supports Good Hope Health Unit, which is located in the rural areas of South Western Uganda. The mission of the foundation is to provide health services to the needy communities in the Rwenzori region of Uganda, who lack basic health care.



Good Hope Foundation was established in Ommen, The Netherlands on 14 July 2008. This foundation came into existence after Mieke Steen, the founder of Good Hope, visited her eldest daughter Ellen, who studied and is now married in Uganda.

During her regular visits to her daughter in Uganda, Mieke met many people, among others Father Fredrick Tusingire, a Catholic priest. This priest has started an organisation, RENA Uganda, which set up a secondary vocational school for very poor children and orphans. Please visit for more information. He also had plans to establish a health unit, since the people in the surrounding area had to walk very far for medical care.

In 2006, Mieke’s daughter migrated to Uganda and soon after that her mother died. With the inheritance she received, the health unit was built in Mahyoro, Uganda and Mieke and her husband were honoured to officially open it on 15 April 2008, together with the family Jaksch from Germany, who also donated funds to the health unit. It was a great day.

Current situation

After the health unit was built, several projects were undertaken to improve the services. For example, a water system, solar system, inverter, eco-toilets and a kitchen were added. In addition, staff houses have been built for three full-time staff and a maternity ward.

Future plans

In the longer term, the foundation is planning to build a children’s ward and an extra general ward as well. Our vision is to establish a fully-fledged and well-managed hospital.

Our policy

The foundation works to achieve its vision by donating financial means for maintenance of the buildings, the procurement of medicine, health education, medical equipments and whichever other means that serve the goal of the foundation.